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Photo editors are the ultimate glue guys, to borrow a sports analogy. They help to bring different parts of the team together, usually without much recognition. They don't get bylines. They rarely win awards. It's a thankless job, but when done well, it can really help increase the quality of the end product.

As a photo editor, I recognize that I am only as good as the photographers, editors and designers around me. It's of the utmost importance that I am able to work and communicate effectively with them all. I have to juggle their wants and needs and stick up for each party in various conflicts. Each group has their own specialty, and it's my job to make sure they each succeed by distributing them the ball where they score best.

One of my strengths is my varied background, which helps me to understand all aspects of being a photo editor. But I don't like to talk about myself, so I'm going to let my co-workers let you know what it was like to work with me.



It has been my pleasure to know and work with Timmy Huynh for almost ten years. I first met Timmy in 2005 when he was a high school student attending J Camp, a program sponsored by the Asian American Journalist Association for students interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Even as a teenager, Timmy had an abundance of enthusiasm and a love for photojournalism. The following year he became the youngest applicant to ever be accepted to the Eddie Adams Workshop.

After honing his skills at the University of Missouri he landed the position of photography intern at Sports Illustrated and was one of the best interns we ever had. Timmy's work ethic and dedication were a welcome addition to our hectic weekly magazine environment. There was never a project he didn't take on with the utmost professionalism and we took great comfort in knowing that if something was assigned to him it would be taken care of. Timmy would be an valued asset at any journalistic establishment and has my highest of recommendations.

Jim Colton
Writer and educator
Former Sports Illustrated photo editor

As a newsroom manager Timmy has the department under control. His understanding of workflows and processes makes the entire team more efficient. Timmy cuts through the noise and gets to the point, quickly and professionally. He embraces the messiness of storytelling, finding the clear message the photographer was witnessing so readers can better understand.

As Vox photo editor Timmy was a one-man advocating machine, turning the magazine staff's attention to great photos. He is not literal. Timmy demonstrates the ability for visuals to tell the story differently than text.

Brian Kratzer
Columbia Missourian Director of Photography

Timmy's award-winning photography got him the job as photo editor of our college newspaper. He elevated our paper's visual content by recruiting top campus photographers, motivating them to stretch themselves, and making the careful edits that made their work pop.

But Timmy's contribution went much further. He earned the award I gave him -- most dedicated staff member -- by being the editor I trusted most to critique layouts and headlines and find good quotes to complement his photos. When the printer called at 1 a.m. to say a page was corrupted, Timmy stayed to redo the whole layout in the section editor's absence. And when the staff had long discussions about enterprise stories that would cause controversy, Timmy always stood up for the role of journalists as truth tellers.

Chrissie Thompson
Cincinnati Enquirer state capital reporter
Former Echo Editor-in-Chief


Working with Timmy is exciting and rewarding and I have worked with him in numerous kinds of situations. He always arrives having done research and any necessary advance work to make the work go smoothly - whether it's for a newspaper daily shift, an extended editing session for a book project or creating an image workflow at a workshop.

I always look forward to working with Timmy because of his genial good humor, his willingness to fully engage in the process and his willingness to work hard. He is eager to engage in discussion and listens carefully to criticism and suggestions, which he considers and incorporates into his decisions.

He has considerable experience as a picture editor and assignments editor, and as a software / network problem solver. He is someone I would hire into a visual management role, knowing that he will meet or exceed all expectations.

David Rees
University of Missouri Photojournalism Faculty Chair
Missouri Photo Workshop Co-Director

"What is it like to work with Timmy Huynh?" My one word response would be "smooth." I worked with Timmy at two Missouri Photo Workshops and on the editing, layout and design of two books from those workshops. Just ask Timmy to do something and you can check it off the list and move on to something else. Timmy works with passion and purpose. He's tech-savvy, efficient and motivated. No job is too big, and none too small; and each will get his full attention.

Jim Curley
Missouri Photo Workshop Co-Director

It was my privilege to work with Timmy for four years while he was a photographer for Taylor University's student publications, The Echo and The Ilium. Timmy also picked up random assignments for me and was a Godsend in a number of instances when we needed someone to attend an event to get "a photo" but the notice was late or it was scheduled at an off time. Timmy's photography was excellent, his demeanor was professional, his work was thorough, and he was dependable - if Timmy committed to a project, I did not need to monitor or send reminders.

Timmy's passion is photography and visual communication. I am excited about what the future holds for him.

James R. Garringer
Taylor University Director of Media Relations

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Working with Timmy has always been a great experience - he's a fantastic listener and really tries to uphold the photographer's intent and message. However, he also works to push the story to its full potential and make it as strong as it can be. Looking back, some of my best work has come from stories I worked on with Timmy or ones that he provided feedback. He has strong insight, good instincts and respect for vision.

Katie Currid
International freelance photographer

Timmy goes above and beyond while working with others. He understands photography and he understands photographers. While choosing images he takes the time to articulate WHY that image best tells a story visually and adds information. He has a keen eye for detail and creates visual narrative with grace.

Sarah Hoffman
Omaha World Herld staff photographer

In all capacities, Timmy has been nothing but inspiring to work with. As my ADOP, he always questioned my choices not as criticisms, but rather to make sure I knew what I was doing and understood why I was doing it; it was very important to him to help us all be better editors.

Timmy has a remarkable confidence in the work he does and I've modeled my pursuit of becoming a photo editor after what I've seen Timmy do in the newsroom. Timmy is a hard-ass. He is authoritative in his negotiations with designers and editors. Nevertheless, he is a leader that everyone respects and has a way with selecting and toning photos that can only be described as innate.

He taught me the importance of having confidence in my decisions and taught me how to be prepared to defend my choices. I know I can always look to Timmy for honesty and help; I've always appreciated his candor. If there is ever a question or problem, the first response is go ask Timmy.

Liz Pierson
Mashable.com photo editor

Working with Timmy means you get to exhale. We worked together a lot when he was the photo editor for Vox Magazine and I was the Asst. Director of Photography for the Columbia Missourian. I could always rely on him to get done whatever he promised. If there was ever a problem, Timmy would deal with it on the spot. He went above and beyond with helping out on things that weren't his job and put extra effort forth to make sure that the end product was creative and visually stunning.

Michelle Kanaar
Freelance photographer, Chicago, Il.

Timmy caters his editing style to the photographer once he gets to know them. For me, he's blunt, but that's exactly what I need as a photographer. He's extremely thorough and as a co-editor, he goes above and beyond to help everyone. Timmy makes shifts together fun while he pushes and encourages the editors to work efficiently.

Alyssa Goodman
Associated Press Photo Editor


I love working with Timmy. He's polite but snarky in the best way. He gets the job done in very matter-of-fact manner and always can back up his claims. He's also open to hearing others and taking them into consideration. It's refreshing. He's smart, well composed and professional. I'll always trust my work in the hands of Timmy.

Grant Hindsley
Provo Daily Herald staff photographer

Working with Timmy is fantastic. He's professional, honest, and cuts to the chase all while maintaining an incredibly friendly and easygoing disposition (even when under immense stress). He's helped me keep my cool, pushed me to make better images, and saved my ass when it needed saving. And above all else he has a sense of humor.

Ben Hoste

Working with Timmy has been one of the more refreshing experiences in my brief photojournalistic life. Timmy has a sharp eye for photos and in many ways I have learned what makes a great photo from him. Timmy has helped me elevate my shooting and see the things I need to work on. He understands each photographer's skill and I have seen him treat and work with photographers on the levels they needed at that time.

I look forward to when I get to edit with Timmy as the conversation is good, the criticism constructive, and I feel positive about what I need to work on. Timmy doesn't work on your body of work so much as work with you on your body of work. I would without hesitation work with Timmy on any project.

Zac Boesch

Timmy is a joy to work alongside; with a diverse skill-set and a constant desire to grow, he is able to approach any problem with a fresh perspective. As an editor he strives to present visuals in an innovative fashion. I cannot speak highly enough of his reliability and willingness to help.

Andrew Schriver
Portland, Maine freelance photographer

Timmy is an incredibly hard worker and knows how to use technology to have a fast and efficient workflow on tight deadlines, while selecting the best work and writing accurate and informative captions. His frankness with photographers cuts to the chase and allows for open dialogue between editors and shooters. I highly recommend the chance to work with Timmy.

Stuart Palley
Los Angeles freelance photographer

I can only say that I learned a great deal from his technical skills in toning, his character as both a leader and team player and the ease with which he managed operations within the Missourian's photo department. His work ethic and passion for a job which came naturally to him set an example, and standard, for the rest of the department and inspired my own efforts in the newsroom.

At work Timmy would arrive before expected and leave long after the job was completed, making sure every detail had been attended to. He was also responsible for organizing the equipment locker (which it was in desperate need of) and the workflow for photo editors and photographers. He easily took charge when problems arose and delegated duties basing his judgements on the situation and the specific talents and interests of each photographer, allowing everyone to benefit from the experience in the end. More than his skill as an editor, his sense of humor makes working with him easy and fun.

Katie Alaimo
Kalamazoo Gazette (Mi.) multimedia intern

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Timmy's sharp news mind and talent for visual storytelling is obvious upon reviewing his portfolio. But what his samples don't show you is his powerful work ethic. Ultimately, Timmy owns his work and gets it done. No excuses.

Theresa Berens
Cinereach graphic designer
Former Vox art director

During my time spent working on a university newspaper together, Timmy was a reliable partner in pushing our small publication further. Together we and others were able to stretch the boundaries of what our paper could be. Throughout this process, Timmy was the catalyst that kept the micro, week-to-week tasks in line, and created space for the larger, long-term conversations to take place. When our ambition was met with roadblocks and challenges, Timmy gracefully maneuvered through conflict and we were able to completely redesign the publication, restructure its organization and workflow, and in the end, present better and more engaging content.

Timmy is a well-oiled machine; ever-informed, ever-growing and expanding in his abilities and knowledge. Efficiency and priority are his true strength, and he executes with characteristic thoughtful precision and speed. In a rocky time for journalism, there is no mind I would trust more to accelerate the dawning of a new editorial world. I look forward to watching Timmy smash through the front windows of magazines very soon.

Luke Shuman
New York Times Upshot art director
Former Echo art director

Working with Timmy is a truly enjoyable experience. I knew I could always count on Timmy to be organized and well-informed of everything photo related at Vox magazine. As an art director, I worked with Timmy on a daily basis and found him very helpful and receptive. I very much appreciated his willingness to work with the art department, specifically the graphic designers. He was always willing to help with photo choices when designing layouts, and I was very grateful for his insight and eagerness to do so. I knew he was a true team player who cared about the overall outcome of the publication. Not only is Timmy a professional and talented photo editor, but he is a pleasant person to be around as well. I can honestly say that his sense of humor and kind personality made it a privilege to work with him each day.

Caitlin Miller
StyleBistro associate editor
Former Vox art director


I had the pleasure of working with Timmy on the Missourian's football special section and on a nightly basis. He is both organized and reliable, and I respect his opinion on both photography and design matters. His attentiveness to the needs of the designers made my job as the design editor much easier. Timmy would be a fantastic addition to any photography staff and I look forward to what he does in years to come.

Erica Mendez Babcock
Columbia Missourian print design editor/assistant professor

As a designer, my job would be impossible without strong cooperation and communication with photographers. I've found Timmy to be one of the best when it comes to working with everyone in the newsroom.

He knows what designers look for and is flexible when they execute their ideas. At the same time, though, he's not afraid to speak up if a photo or layout isn't at its best. He's saved me several times from poor use of photography and I'd never hesitate to bounce an idea off of him. Finally, Timmy has a laid back and professional attitude that is welcoming in a newsroom. He's down to business when it counts, but he's always friendly and fun to work with. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Will Guldin
Former Columbia Missourian print desk editor

Timmy is imaginative, resourceful, focused and decisive. I had the pleasure of working with him on the staff of Vox Magazine, and we worked together to convey each story in the magazine from a visual perspective. His communication and decision-making skills make him a wonderful visual journalist. He has an eye for quality and detail, and he thrives in exploring new ways to show the depth of the story. Timmy is a confident and dependable photographer and photo editor.

Stef Kienstra
Former Vox art director

Out of all the photo editors I've worked with at the Missourian, Timmy is the best at communicating with the rest of the staff. If you ask for something, he'll make sure it gets to you. Timmy provides additional information as the situation changes, which allows the designers and editors to work without any extra anxiety that may come with deadline. Timmy respects your decisions as a designer, but offers assertive opinions when asked. In a newsroom that is constantly in flux, Timmy offers stability.

Dan Karlin
Former Columbia Missourian news designer

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The main perk of working with Timmy is that he is in control. Without hesitation or doubt, he charges into projects and takes an impressive amount of responsibility, harnessing his unflagging attentiveness to ensure that his work is done cleanly and with minimal delay. He's an insectile listener, acutely in tune with fine detail, giving his collaborators the calming assurance that no matter how dysfunctional a project can seem, at least his share will be delivered in good order, dependable as the sunrise. I'm not saying he's immune to mistakes, but he certainly doesn't make sloppy ones.

It's also worth noting that his raw intelligence is off the charts. Problems will arise that are way out of the orbit of his expertise, but he's such a methodical and robust thinker that after a little bit of contemplative squinting he'll zero in on a solution, or at the very least a reliable blueprint for finding one.

You can't fake trustworthy, and Timmy's as real as they come. Photojournalism, editing, plumbing, pizza making-whatever the gig, I endorse him fervently.

Steve Etheridge
The Onion staff writer
Former Echo opinion editor

Timmy is one of the hardest working guys I know - I mean, he just gets things done. I had the pleasure of working with him at Taylor University's student paper when we were both undergrads. While the rest of us were fumbling to figure out what the journalism thing was all about, Timmy set a tone of professionalism with his already deep knowledge of the field, refined technical skill-set and passion for capturing the news. Story after story he delivered high-quality shots from the camera always at his side, all while leading a team of staff photographers and completing almost all of the photo editing.

Alissa Goeglein
Former Echo features editor

Working with Timmy Huynh is both inspiring and challenging... let me explain, Timmy embodies the utmost passion and focus in each project he puts his hand to. His attention to detail, tireless work ethic and genuine search to always improve keeps his co-workers in a constant state of being challenged. He's the kind of guy you want on your team. The person who never stops trying and keeps you on your toes.

Makenzie Dykstra
Former Echo news editor

Working with Timmy was an education in producing high quality work under tight deadlines. His eye for detail as well as the big picture developed in the three years that I worked alongside him, and I can attest to his dedication to his work. Timmy was never one for pomp and circumstance; his pertinent attitude and self confidence played a huge role in producing several award-winning publications. I had a blast working with Timmy, and I learned a lot in the process.

Josh Kennedy
Former Echo arts & entertainment editor

Timmy Huynh is a whirlwind of energy, efficiency, and excellence. I could count on him to get every task done, and done well, and I had to count on him to go beyond his job description to help our publication in a myriad of ways. I can't wait for the chance to work with him again.

Andrew Neel
Former Echo co-Editor-in-Chief

What impressed me about Timmy was his commitment to the excellence of our entire publication. His skill as a photographer not only improved the paper but motivated others to push themselves as well. He was always a team player and willing to offer input and advice.

Randy Kizer
Former Echo co-Editor-in-Chief


Timmy's work, in terms of his final product, speaks for itself: His grasp of story, design, and composition is self-evident. What might not be so readily seen in the final product is his ability to work with others on an editorial team. He motivates others to produce better and better work, and he holds himself to the same high standards. Timmy is a polished communicator, able to make quick, intelligent assessments, give straightforward feedback, and offer specific goals and instructions. As a team leader, his sense of organization and priority play a key role. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), he has an unrivaled amount of energy.

Kurt Woock
Writer and editor, Denver, Colo.
Former Vox editor

Timmy was an excellent ally to have on the production team at Vox. He brought a sense of calm that was a great counterweight to the often hectic energy that filled the office. I knew that he would be reliable for bringing levity to meetings and for being an honest advisor on the work we were doing. Timmy was great to have in a crunch and I'd consider myself lucky to work on a staff with Timmy again.

Tony Flesor
Law Week Colorado reporter
Former Vox deputy editor

I can gladly attest to the fact that Timmy Huynh is truly tremendous to work with. During my time at Vox Magazine, he served as a great mentor for me. While I am not a photojournalist myself, he was able to teach me a great amount about the importance of professionalism. Not only was he patient, he was always readily available to help. He knows when to be serious, and when to have fun. If we needed a cover photo of an empty street in the wee hours of the morning, Timmy got up and did it. No complaints, no questions. He wanted the best product to be put forth, and always strove to make sure that happened. Anyone would be lucky to have Timmy on their team.

Katie Bevan
Former Vox department editor

Timmy Huynh is a terrific photo editor, but his professionalism and organization skills make him a true asset to any team. He seamlessly managed a bevy of photographers while working with more than 20 student editors. He maintained and enforced a rigorous deadline schedule that allowed us all to do our jobs more effectively. He's professional in group and informal meetings and his email communication skills are well-honed. Best of all? Working with him is fun. It's clear he enjoys the creative process and collaborating with others.

Taylor Combs
Former Vox department editor

I've worked with Timmy Huynh in my role as a news editor on the Columbia Missourian's interactive copy editing desk, which is responsible for production of our website and mobile apps. In fall 2012, we took on an ambitious project to increase both the volume and immediacy of coverage of Missouri football during the Tigers' first season in the SEC.

On game days, Timmy was responsible for managing the work of photographers at Memorial Stadium or several states away and picture editors in the Missourian newsroom. Under extreme deadline pressure, he supervised the selection of images for the website and newspaper, coordinating with the sports editors and with news editors for both online and print. While advocating for good display for the best images, he always made sure that the photo team's work contributed to the overall newsroom effort. His work ethic, news judgment, aesthetic sense and collegiality were vital to the success of this project.

Frank Russell
Knight visiting editor/assistant professor

Timmy is a go-to guy you will lean on in a crunch. He's a smart and reliable problem-solver who is sure to help get the job done well.

Mary K. Wendell
Former Ilium editor

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